The Health Complex «Europa»

A hot steam room, a cool pool and good service - what else would you need to forget the bustle of the city, clear the body and mind, feel rested, refreshed and full of energy. Saunas are popular worldwide. It is the place where you can rest, relax or get benefits of cold water therapy.

Turkish sauna is characterized by dense vapor that moisturizes every cell of your body, warms you up, relaxes muscles and relieves stress. The Turkish bath peculiarity is the prevention of many diseases: colds, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.

Finnish sauna is known for its pleasant dry steam which has a healing effect on the body, helps to reduce stress and relax, boosts metabolism, and has a positive effect on muscles and the respiratory system.

Large hall:

  • Finnish sauna, hamam, swimming pool (14*4).
  • 1 hour (up to 6 people) - 3 000 rubles.
  • More than 6 people - 500 rubles per person.

Small hall:

  • Finnish sauna, pool (3*2).
  • 1 hour (up to 6 people) - 2 000 rubles.
  • More than 6 people - 350 rubles per person.

Minimum order is 2 hours.

We offer a new service for the guest of the Health Complex "Europa":

MASSAGE CHAIR thatfeatures three professional automatic programs for massaging the upper body (massage of the upper body, lower back and neck area).